Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reincarnate

Rising To The Top: Page 38

Date Posted: July 30th, 2019, 11:11 pm

Author Notes

Kaito's smug face gets me I just love it so much, he's like "Yeah I just did that"


these Pokemon look furry its hard to tell at some Pokemon what Pokemon look like one.
@comercole: Well I also draw furry yeah, but I dont think its that hard to dignify which Pokemon is which, it could just be the designs
@Raging-Raccoon:that explains
You can just tell he’s just playing up the drama.
So um... "Remember those points you scored on the past games thanks to all the sweat and effort you put into them? well, forget them they're irrelevant now, whoever scores first in this single game wins"
@darth deebious the wise: 11/10 event organizer
Ah, one score one win eh? That's going to be chaotic all around.
Simple quick and fast. Game ends in about 30 seconds. XD
If it's anything like Lucioball it'll take 5 minutes before anyone can score TvT
Hm... sounds like there's gonna be another twist.
I like where this is heading
I've played one point soccer before. This is not going to be quick at all... There is gonna be a lot of blood sweat and tears going into each play
A soccer game at match point already. Let's see what's gonna happen.
Is this comic dead
@Firestar1224: Nope. We're all just busy.
Do you guys have a time you guys are going to post or just whenever
@Firestar1224: It usually depends on the artists. We are all in various colleges majoring in different things, so we can't exactly align our availability. The next update will come when the page is completed.
Ok thanks
For just the fun of it ill give you a PUNishments
Hi Do you guys plan on posting anytime soon or no?
Plz post soon even if it's a filler pic