Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reincarnate

Rising To The Top: Page 35

Date Posted: December 3rd, 2018, 6:24 pm

Author Notes

Oooooo Aliza you're over here getting called OUT WOW


get wrecked bitch
@siku: Destruction: 100
Oh I like Luke. He calling people out and I am all for that
@Raging-Raccoon: Gotta say you're on point with these pages man
She's getting burned so hard gonna need several rawst berries
oof no way shes still an ice type after that burn
Sass lvl over 9,000
is a fight oh no
lol get wrecked
Seems like Ice got melted apparently.
Ahhhhhh got that hoe?
Luke is my favourite character now
Nice talk for a punk. Getting wrecked from a rabbit with hearts on it's ears.
Punk lvl: Rekt by Bidoof
Everyone's talking about the burn, Im just sitting here thinking, "they have a mask shop?"
@somerandomguynumber1: Oh its not from a shop haha, its a real one :3c
@Raging-Raccoon: so they just went and picked out a skull?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: yep! not like the old owner was usin it
When is the new page? Been 30weeks my G.
@DarkFireEevee: as it's been said in our latest announcement, the artist drawing the comics hasn't been home to make more pages.
That roast burned her so hard she lost her ice typing, for a while.
New favorite character right there
well bunny isn't doing a good job of minding their own business either
aaa the dA doesn't exist anymore so glad i found this again ;A;
Ok, I'm confused. Smackjeeves says the comic was updated six hours ago, but this is still the latest page, what the hell? Wait, why am I even posting this, then...? Shit.
Mines acting the same way as well
@Kittenwishstar: Wow, I didn't actually think anyone would reply to that. I found the new pages, there's a Q&A right before chapter one.
Thanks for telling me
Dats a big oof
She got her weave snatched. Now she's just -ile
So just stumbled across this comic while I was bored and I have to say it's awesome! I love the character design, the plot, the artwork, literally everything about it! I love it, and it's great inspiration for the PMD fanfic I'm writing at the moment (I'm not stealing the ideas though, just inspiration). I can't wait for the next page, keep up the good work!
@drxgonscqles: we're glad you like it! good luck on your comic, too!
What pokemon was it from?
If you didn't decide just make one up.🦊