Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reincarnate

Rising To The Top: Page 9

Date Posted: January 30th, 2018, 7:06 pm

Author Notes

Someone has anger issues hohjeez
bitch u scary no smelly mom is scary
grandma go home


Just realized how her "mask" (and aromatisses' masks in general) resembles a plague doctor mask. Makes the whole healing thing make way more sense, especially when you consider that plague doctor masks were meant to keep out miasmas thought to cause disease.
uh what just happen?
@siku: OwO God I'm so attach to Vulpixs Why X3
hohoho @KirbyandPokemonFan: you'll love the next two pages. :>
@siku: Yay (Do you Rp? Sorry I ask this with people who seem pretty friendly X3)
@KirbyandPokemonFan: yeye!! i roleplay sometimes.
@siku: Oh okie X3
wow That's her version "Shut the fuck up."
guess she's a monster in disguise, some might even say a"witch doctor" badum-da-tiss.
@Experiment04LLZ: hey someone gotta do it every once in awhile, but, to be honest, she does seem to be set up to be our first boss in this adventure or at the very least an obstacle.
nope fuck this shit im out Nope not dealing with this mon I'm out
Wow she is very rude! this will be her demise in the future
gasp do we have a villain?
O oh.. A pink plague doctor is angry as heck..

*Slowly backs away.*
Nuuu Aroma you forgot one of my fav mons! (Alolan Vulpix)
I just got a headache after seing that creepy face.