Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reincarnate

Rising To The Top: Page 5

Date Posted: January 8th, 2018, 6:47 pm

Author Notes

Rita still stands as one of my favorite characters ahah uwu


WHEEZES IT'S.............
MY BABY.......................
@siku: that expression on you're face is priceless.
@siku: it just screams I fudged up. and pure terror.
@Experiment04LLZ: vietnam war flashbacks
@siku: you're never too young to have vietnam flashbacks (scream)
This is the greatest character introduction I have ever seen!
@DCorp123: its short, simple, straight to the point, and priceless. absolutely perfect. 10/10
@DCorp123: There's one comic here somewhere, the partner is an electric type introduced via difibulating the human. (Even if that was pointless medically it was VERY funny)
I'm sure it's nothing she can't fix
@TheJGamer: all you need is a chisel and time
@Experiment04LLZ: Or, a fire type to use ember either on the ice or near it. *glances towards Historia* but yes time will always be needed.
Can I have the ability to freeze myself when I panic? Seems very handy and would make ppl stop talking to me.
How can you even froze yourself?
Vulpix: I covered my mouth to sneeze and now this... I like my powers, I don't LOVE my powers...
Ayy, it's the snow Vulpix from the cover.
I don't think there's "Alolan" here, so I'll go with Snow Vulpix
I wonder what scarred her?
gosh i froze myself for a reason
leave me alone you heathens
@siku: the face of suffering
"Sounds like your next party member!"
panic freeze