Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reincarnate

Chapter 1 END

Date Posted: December 24th, 2017, 2:03 pm

Author Notes

*claps hands together&* And chapter 1 is finally done! I'm really hoping it all came out at least decently! ;v; ;;
Ahhhhh I do wanna thank any and all people who reads this, the comments and amount of readers is what keeps me going <3

Start of Chapter 2 will be begin a couple or few days after Christmas ahah


Congrats on the chapter completion! This has been a blast to read thus far~ :3
Whooo pretty page! Can't wait to see more!
Congrats on finishing chapter 1. The lighting of this page looks awesome.
wow everyone had a bad day on their first day, they all need a hug.
Also, love the new cover, is the alola vulpix suppose to be siku?
@Experiment04LLZ: oh no
he knows too much
@siku:you may eliminate me but it's too late the word is out and you've only confirmed it, the world will soon know, you can't hide the truth any longer!
@Experiment04LLZ: screeches
@siku: last breath: it was worth spreading the truth, revolution is emanate, I regret nothing.
hmm... so is a new author going to be added to the list every time a new hero is introduced?
@VelvetRainbow: Overall yeah! ouo/ More peeps we know we be added as authors and whatnot over time~
Love this comic so far!
Yay! Chapter 1 is finished! I've really enjoyed the comic so far, especially these last few pages, and I'm super excited for Chapter 2!!
Chapter 2! Chapter 2! Chapter 2! Chapter 2!
@Raging-Raccoon:dang this comic is amazing i did not know how good it actually was i read pmd comics for the former human part not the Pokemon are not from a different dimensions i actually started to read it on February of this year and stopped but i wish you luck on this comic and are the trio former humans?
@comercole: Thank you so much! All the main characters in the main team are all humans, or at least most of them!
@Raging-Raccoon: one more thing can i have permission to publish your comic pages on youtube as a form of a video?
@comercole we’re actually planning on publishing it our own someday soon, so we’d appreciate if you didn’t! Thanks so much for asking, though, and we’re glad you enjoy it!
The shading reminds me of the end of an anime episode, whether it be the original series, or shameful, 'evolving' sun & moon