Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reincarnate

Swarms & S.E.E.S: Part 20

Date Posted: July 30th, 2017, 7:04 pm

Author Notes

Rubber plz calm down its not that serious, also oh hi thats a really big bug oh gosh


Give it a good water attack, Rubber! Maybe you'll scare it off
Yeah rubber tell those bugs who's bo-oh...
Beep beep get out the way
Oh fudge nuggets. Lol
For one very confusing moment, I thought Rubber's tooth in panel three was a teardrop.
Don't think Momma Volcarona is gonna like you threatening her kiddo
hello fren
thats one massive volcarona

This has been a great read so far. I'm expecting a lot from you four in the future!
@TheJGamer: Glad you're enjoying the comic so far!
We'll try to give what you and others expect, and more!