Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reincarnate

Swarms & S.E.E.S: Part 16

Date Posted: May 7th, 2017, 12:46 pm

Author Notes

Aw shOOT SON, don't mess with Rubber apparently


Loved the "Hooboyifeelsleepy"
Well, that's something you don't see in most PMD comics.
Did She? @Nashew: Did She evolve for Ra?
it's a bit early for something like this to take place, yes?
@Nashew; what? evolution?
@Tehpikachu: Yeahhhh it is, but I wont be spamming evo's or have another one for a while after the first 2, so its whatever honestly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nice way to bring the evolution
@Tehpikachu: Yeah, evolution.
Dang son, that was fast!
Ya done messed up, Ariados.
Dang Rubber went super saiyan
Heh this makes me think of The Pokedex Project, your friends evolving all of a sudden when you're in danger.
Ra should keep the purple highlights, if they weren't poison/sleep...
Just found this and love it I just fdhbsjk
Well didn't take long for evolution ;ovo
((Also what paint tool do you use for this?))
@xLollyx: Glad you like the comic so far!!
As for the paint tool, what exactly do you mean? Both me and Krow (raging-raccoon) use Paint Tool SAI; however, I use a couple different custom brushes when I color the pages.
@CrocodileMints: Oh yeah by paint tool I meant the program you use to make the comic ^^;
what?! How?! She just started not even yesterday! How the heck did she evolve? Did She evolve because she loves Ra?
Hey, TBH I'd also evlove on demand to save Ra, so...

Also, badass Rubber carrying a passed out Ra on their shoulder.