Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reincarnate

Cover OLD

Date Posted: October 13th, 2016, 5:57 pm

Author Notes


Let the games begin!

(On a side note, permission to cause insane/fetishy/weird shit to happen?)
@HarrisonButterGem: Indeed! (And ohh no! No no! No fetishy stuff in this plz ;w; )
@Raging-Raccoon: (that tosses my idea of tickle-tirture out the window.)
aah nice cover! I wonder who those are silhouette's are, is it time to play "who's that pokemon?"

also was was this by any chance made in light of the new smackjeeves site design? i'm excited to see whats in store for that! XP
@rym218: Thank you, and yee, I was actually thinking how it'd be fun if people guessed them~

And yes! Yes it was! Had to get this done before the whole new update jazz, eheh~
can i just quickly point out how much badassery is in this cover
seeing the S.E.E.S. reminds me of persona 3 ._.
@flare: Persona is actually one of my inspirations for this comic ahah
You probably won't need to have this uploaded as a page once the update actually hits, just FYI
@Nashew: Yeah, I know, I'm just uploading it for consistency
The last one in the right is a ralts?
Hold on S.E.E.S!?... oh you sly dog
I S.E.E.S. what you did there
(I just realized when characters are unlocked the shadows are turned into that character. THAT'S SO COOL 030)