Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reincarnate

Species: Purugly
Gender: Female
Ability: Defiant
Intimidating at a glance, Marja is actually a soft individual with an appreciation for cute things. She is a retired adventurer given the task to look after and keep our heroes safe by the Guildmaster. She's a popular resident of Havenhoot and has a better understanding of exploration than most Pokemon. With her Hypnosis and immense power, Marja is a threat to her opponents on the battlefield.
Species: Zoroark
Gender: Male
Ability: Illusion
Shii is nonchalant, but has a more melancholy side too. He has earned the nickname "The Blinding Light" for his unrealistic speed. Aside from Marja, who seems to be the only one he has befriended, he's taken a liking to Historia; however, has an unbearable dislike for the rest of the team. He spends his time mentoring and climbing high points to observe the scenery, and enjoys joking around with the Guildmaster, Marja and Raya.
Species: Raichu
Gender: Female
Ability: Static
Raya is the mother of one, and well-known for her strong electric attacks. She wears a cloak that used to represent her old team before they disbanded, unable to let go of the past. She has a passion for berry growing and keeps a massive variety of them at her disposal. She has been known to hand berries out to others when asked.
Species: Xatu
Gender: Male
Ability: Synchronize
Though he has begun to lose feathers in his old age, Kaito serves as the Guildmaster of Havenhoot, a successor to the former Guildmaster a Noctowl named Noah. He's somber, sweet and has a heart of gold and rarely lashes out at others. He is always calm and tries to come to agreements during conflicts.
Rudy Rita
Species: Nidorina
Gender: Female
Ability: Poison Point
The perfect definition of "sour and sweet." Rita is an excellent doctor, but is known to have a temper toward those who get on her bad side. She has a vast knowledge regarding medicine and curing plagues due to studying under Aroma. She is a seven year champion of the Havenhoot Games, but has since retired to run the clinic in Aroma's absence.
Penelope (Penny)
Species: Persian
Gender: Female
Ability: Technician
A professional accountant. She can memorize each transaction made by date, and is an unrivaled expert at handling money, being a retired thief. She loves her partner Rita deeply, and is always there to help her when things go bad.
Aroma "Ro"
Species: Aromatisse
Gender: Female
Ability: Healer
Often called Ro by those who know her, she is one of the oldest settlers of HavenHoot; despite seemingly appearing out of nowhere to our heroes. After a horrid incident many years ago, Aroma left the town. Her lifeless eyes and the scars on her face are remnants of a story she refuses to tell, and she gets angry when they're brought up. Ro has a deep, motherly love for her student Rita, treating her like her own daughter.