Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reincarnate

Species: Croconaw
Gender: Female
Ability: Torrent
Bossy but caring, she's the leader of the team. Rubber is sweet and motherly, but dangerous when made angry. She has a deep fondness of berries after figuring out how useful they are, and strongly dislikes bugs. With her immense size and strength, she fills in as the powerhouse of the team.
Species: Cubone
Gender: Male
Ability: Lightning Rod
Ra is a fearful and quiet person, and very shy. He always tries to keep the peace between everyone on the team. He has a tendency to exaggerate and worries excessively, often pointing out more negatives instead of focusing on the positives, only to keep the team safe. Ra holds his bone club dear to him and gets scared if he can't find it.
Species: Luxio
Gender: Male
Ability: Guts
He is serious most of the time, but is known to be softer for those he cares for. He is a quick thinker in fights, doing whatever he can to win. Very observant of others, he reads people intently to determine whether they are friend or foe. He wants to see his teammates tap into their inner potential, but secretly fears that he'll become useless if they do.
Species: Torchic
Gender: Female
Ability: Speed Boost
A quirky, excitable Torchic who has a particular fondness of puns. She is often on patrol and always ready to move in when the chance arises. Historia is especially quick on her feet; able to move around at blinding speeds. She has an irrational fear of the dark; even more so when she's alone. Her hair resembles the night sky, which becomes more apparent as she copes with her fear of the dark.
Species: Alolan Vulpix
Gender: Female
Ability: Snow Warning
Extremely nervous and sensitive, Siku has a tendency to freeze up when she is afraid — literally — usually if yelled at. Due to her nervousness, she tends to stumble on her words, especially when talking to Soris. Secretly a glutton and always accepts offerings of food, especially if it's sweet. Despite her anxious nature, she tries her best to be helpful.